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Ethically raised cattle and high quality beef is something that can be found if your willing to do business with a farmer but the price is usually outrageous. Thankfully I came across Dowdle Family Farms where they had everything I was looking for. Their individual boxes offer the best deal I’ve come across and Rob is even willing to show you around the farm!
Jonathan B. Columbus, MS
Just cooked chicken on the green egg. It was so tender and sweet. We love it. Love the smoked sausage too.
Sandra C. Columbus, MS.
I have tried different chickens from the grocery stores and pretty much given up on buying them. They are too big and tough. This 4# chicken came out tender and juicy. Very good . . . Thanks
Donnie P. Vaughan, MS Donnie P. Vaughan, MS

Humanely Raised Animals

Each of our animals are treated humanely, pigs are allowed to root around and graze for their food, cows live their entire lives on the pastures they were born in.

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