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Dowdle Family Farms Honey Bee Sales

Dowdle Family Farms is a state inspected apiary and we are approved to sell and ship package bees, queens, and nucs. Currently, honeybees are only available for on farm pickup.

Currently, we are offering nucleus packages of bees for sale in the spring of 2022. We encourage people to pick up their bees as early as possible so that they can acclimate and forage in their own environment. 

Depending on the weather, honeybee nucs should be available for pick up beginning Mid April.

We regularly improve the genetics of the queens in our apiaries. Our genetics include gentle italian honeybee lines that contain the the varroa sensitive Hygenic, mite mauler, survivor, and carnolian genetics. We select queens based on health, gentleness, and productivity. 

What We Offer

5 Frame Nucleus Colony - $190

Nucs (or nucleus colonies) are small hives that are already established with a mated, laying queen, brood of various stages, and food reserves that will help them establish and grow quickly. This is a much better option than purchasing a “package of bees” because a package will require a month or to establish well. They will come in a temporary hive structure that should last them for a few days or weeks depending on how developed the nucleus colony is. You will need to transfer them to a hive as soon as possible as they will quickly outgrow the nuc box they come in. You should have this equipment on hand when you pick up the bees.

Delivery, Setup, and Educational Service - $400

We are offering deliver and setup services for a few customers who purchase our bees. If you are interested in bee keeping but you are a bit intimidated by setting up and looking after the hives by yourself the first time, this is the service for you. This fee is in addition to the purchase of your bees. This service includes bringing the bees to your location, setting up the hive, transferring them to your equipment (if applicable), and spending 30-60 minutes in the hive with you showing you what to look for when you check the bees. You will need basic bee tools to take full advantage of this service. We recommend that you have a bee suit, gloves, smoker, and hive tool so that you can take full advantage of this opportunity. After receiving this service, you should feel confident in your ability to manage your bees properly.