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Understanding Our Operation

The cows that we sell in our bulk beef program is the same high quality, nutrient dense beef that we rotate on our pastures. Though our cattle are always grass fed, this does not mean that they are finished and ready for processing. Currently, our farm produces more cattle than we can sell locally and the excess cattle are sold to conventional markets. Though these cattle are pasture raised and grass fed, they are not finished. Most cows are raised on pasture and then are sold to conventional markets where they are finished on grain. We raise our cattle on pasture and rotate them regularly, but we produce more calves than we can finish on our farm ourselves.

To finish cattle they must receive a lot of nutrition. Most cows receive this in feedlots in the form of grain. When we pull the best calves from the main herd to finish them, we place them on the most nutrient dense forages on our farm to increase their growth and weight gain. This takes time. Though we always have cattle on grass, they are not truly finished yet.

The best time of the year to purchase whole or half beef cows from us is in the Fall or early Winter. The forages are at their peak and the cattle are thriving. We do have a few animals that finish at other times of the year.

The current price for our grass finished beef is 3.99/pound hanging weight for a whole and 4.29/pound for a half.

Yield Expectations