Easy Herb Baked Chicken

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Easy Herb Baked Chicken
This is an easy recipe to prepare and can be cooked in a couple hours. It is very adaptable to a variety of herbs and spices. It pairs well with carrots, fresh steamed broccoli, or other fresh vegetables to make an extremely healthy meal. We encourage you to use pastured chicken and healthy butter and oil.



1. Thaw chicken completely, preferably in the fridge the day before

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

3. Chop about 1/2 cup fresh sage/basil to taste (or other fresh herbs that you like)

4. Mix 1/2 of the herbs with the butter really well (butter should be room temperature) 

5. Using a spoon/knife, place herb butter mix under skin of the breast, thigh and drums

6. Place remaining ½ herbs (and unused herb butter) into cavity of the chicken with ¼ of lemon (lemon, butter, and additional herbs are optional)

7. Rub olive oil over entire exterior of chicken

8. Sprinkle the oil coated chicken with sea salt and fresh black pepper to taste. (It may take more than you think)

9. Place in roasting pan breast side down

10. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes per pound (ovens will very)

11. Turn to breast side up halfway through roasting

12. If you want to crisp the skin, you can set your oven to broil for the last couple minutes of cooking. 

13. Your chicken is done when you poke a hole in the breast and clear liquid comes out or when the internal temperature has reached 165 degrees.

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